Scenes from Downtown’s New DeKalb Market, Made from Old Shipping Containers and Open Daily

Made out of 22 recycled shipping containers, DeKalb Market opened July 23 and is Brooklyn’s newest outdoor market. Found downtown at Fulton Mall (that’s 332 Flatbush Avenue Extension; click here for directions) it encompasses the Brooklyn zeitgeist not just with its cool use of upcycling, but its mix of local eateries, retail shops, an incubator […]

Greene Hill Food Coop: Meet the New Shop on the Block

The photos on the storefront of the new member-owned Greene Hill Food Co-op are comprised of people from its surrounding communities, signifying the co-op’s desire to be a resource for a neighborhood, which doesn’t have much access to cheap and fresh locally grown food. Located at 18 Putnam Avenue, on Grand Street in Clinton Hill, […]

Chozen Ice Cream’s Newest Flavor? It’s Coffee Talk, Joining Ronne’s Rugelach, Matzoh Crunch and Coconut Macaroon

You likely don’t have to be Jewish to get the “certain inside jokes and elements” that go into the flavor profiles of Chozen ice cream, says co-founder Meredith Fisher, but an appreciation for Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm probably helps. Chozen is a small, family-run, certified Kosher ice-cream brand conceived by Fisher, her mother Ronne […]

Goat Cheese and Green Tea? Delicious, Says Karen Dunlap, the Expert Behind Union Square Cafés New Tea Service

“When I first started in the food industry, I used to think pairings were a bunch of crap,” laughs Karen Dunlap, who manages the tea service and its associated pairings at Union Square Café on E. 16th Street, “but it’s not.” Dunlap should know: She’s a 15-year veteran of the tea industry who joined Union […]

The Weather Underground: Murray’s Cheese Sets Out Four Floors of its New Cave-Aged Line

As part of the New York City Food and Wine Festival earlier this month, Murray’s Cheese held a tasting event at the Norwood Club, a historic townhouse on 241 West 14th Street. The goal was to introduce customers to their new line of cave-aged cheeses, which (as you might’ve guessed from their name) have been […]

Meet Masak, the New East Village Restaurant that Serves Singaporean Street Food with a City Twist

Masak, an East Village restaurant that opened in August, is Singaporean-born chef/owner Larry Reutens fine dining spin on traditional hawker fare from his Southeast Asian country. That, like the rest of the country’s cuisine, is derived from a mélange of Malay, Indian, Chinese and Nonya flavors, and at Masak, Reutens adds both an American sensibility […]

Meet the Let Us Eat Local 2011 Farmer Honoree: Deborah Kavakos of Stoneledge Farm CSA

Deborah Kavakos has farming in her soul. Whether the harvest is peas, radishes or squash, she toils happily at Stoneledge Farm, her organic certified 200-acre farm located in Catskills, Greene County, New York, which she runs with her husband. When disasters hit, as hurricane Irene did on August 28, and rendered her 2011 harvest unfit […]

Meet Pascaline Lepeltier, the Local Wine Guru who will Host a NY Sub-Terroir Tasting Next Week

This year Let Us Eat Local will feature its first VIP Experience wine tasting session that aims to introduce attendees to the different sub-regions of wines in New York State. The guide is Pascaline Lepeltier, a French-born sommelier working at Rouge Tomate, a seasonally focused restaurant. With a Star Chefs Rising Star NYC Award under […]

Meet Just Food’s Jane Hodge, Director of NYC’s First Farm School

Hodge has worked with Just Food’s City Farms Program since 2006, but the first true Farm School classes began this January, with 15 certificate students ranging in age from their 20s to early 60s–some doing the course for a career change while others already grow food as a career and are looking to improve their […]

Field Trip: The Rockefeller Center Greenmarket (Go Soon, as it Closes for the Summer in September)

Sometime soon, take a long lunch break and catch The Rockefeller Center Greenmarket at 50th Street in its final two weeks. Under shaded white tents, sandwiched between a row of international country flags on one side and J. Crew and offices on the other, this outdoor market rocks its very cosmopolitan spot, but only until […]

Hyper Local Produce: This Manhattan Company Wants Supermarkets to Raise on the Roof

BrightFarms LLC wants you to forget a 100-mile radius as the definition of what constitutes locally sourced food. A Manhattan firm that specializes in hydroponic greenhouses, the company is suggesting that in the not-so-distant future your kale could come from as close as the greenhouse on top of your local supermarket. While New York already […]

East Village Field Trip: The Saint Mark’s Church Weekly Greenmarket

Each Tuesday from May to late December, the Saint Mark’s Church Greenmarket sets up near E. 10th Street and 2nd Avenue, nestled between Saint Mark’s Church in the Bowery and Abe Lebewohl Park. From 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., residents of the Village–and tourists and passersby–can be seen perusing seasonal bounty trucked in from Upstate […]

Every Friday, A Free Coffee Cupping at Think on Mercer Street

Usually a cup of coffee is gulped down before heading to work or slurped while you’re sitting at your computer screen. However, if you are sourcing coffee for your shop or you are a coffee roaster, when you sample roughly ground and very, very freshly brewed, unfiltered coffee in a process called cupping, you savor […]

For the First Time in NYC, Baristas Compete on the Quality of a Plain Old Cup of Coffee, Rather Than Espresso

Most coffee competitions focus on baristas concocting lattes and cappuccinos made with mechanized espresso machines. But at last month’s manual brew competition at RBC NYC, a high-end, specialty coffee shop on Worth Street, plain old coffee made meticulously by hand was the highlight. “Usually very informal competitions have always been about latte art, which actually […]

A Recipe for Authentic Sicilian Caponata, By Way of Naples and the West Village

Prime eggplant season in these parts is from now until October. One manner of enjoying the member of the nightshade family is with caponata, a cold southern Italian eggplant starter that perfectly complements warm, crusty bread. It’s “a classic Sicilian dish,” says Raffaele Ronca, the executive chef at Palma, a rustic Southern Italian joint at […]

Katchkie Farm to Table Dinner on the City Streets Next Week

Get your hardcore locavore on with Great Performances’ third annual Farm to Table dinner, with organic vegetables and produce sourced within a 100-mile radius of Manhattan, much of it from Great Performances’ own 60-acre organic Katchkie Farm in Columbia County. On August 4, gather at City Winery in the Courtyard in Hudson Square on 155 […]

Meet the West Village Makers of Goats’ Milk Soft Serve, Inspired by Turkey’s Frozen Treats

It’s not quite frozen yogurt and not exactly ice cream, but the goats’ milk soft serve at Victory Garden NYC at 31 Carmine Street in the West Village is definitely delicious. “I call it ice cream and frozen yogurt, but people get confused,” admits Sophia Brittan, creator of Victory Garden, which opened this past June. […]

Really Cool Summer School: August Food and Garden Camp for Gradeschoolers

Ask a city-bred kid for their image of a farmer, and they will most probable conjure up Old MacDonald, says Felicia Desrosiers, co-founder of Butter Beans, a company that provides seasonal and locally sourced nutritious lunches to schools. But at Butter Beans’ two-week Food and Garden Summer Camp August 1 through 15, Desrosiers aims to […]

Manhattan’s Original Cool Cones: A Visit with Chinatown Ice Cream Factory’s Second Generation Owner

Funky ice cream trucks and forward-flavored, internationally inspired scoops may just be taking off, but one of the city’s cooler curators of cold treats has been around for more than 30 years: The Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory. A family run operation started by Philip Seid, a second generation Chinese-American, the shop at 65 Bayard Street near […]

Taste Local Piedmontese Beef, Pastured, Milk-Fed and Full of Tender ‘Double-Muscles’ Thanks to Natural Myostatin

A naturally lean steak that has less cholesterol and fewer calories than chicken or fish does exist, and that’s those cut from Piedmontese beef. They’re also incredibly tender, with a robust flavor. Luckily they’re now available at city Greenmarkets thanks to Stony Mountain Ranch in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania, a new family farm that raises Piedmontese […]

Next Sunday Meet New Amsterdam’s Newest: Maryland Crab Cakes and Succotash

New York has an love affair with lobster rolls, says Joe Pfeifer, the man behind National Crab, but that is about to change as he introduces Manhattanites to his wondrously sweet crab cakes, made from Chesapeake Bay’s blue crabs. Last Sunday he debuted at the New Amsterdam Market; he can be found there every other […]

Wall Street’s New Green–Our Report on the New Andaz Hotel Farmers’ Market

Joel Patraker, Andaz Hotel’s purchasing manager, was bedecked in a blue checked shirt and denim overalls as he oversaw the Andaz Wall Street Plaza’s farmer’s market one recent Saturday, as a three-piece folk band jived away in the street. If the words Joel Patraker combined with ‘farmer’s market’ ring a distant bell, that’s because Patraker […]

Your New One-Stop Shop for All Your Backyard Chicken Needs

Noah Leff keeps chickens as pets and thinks their antics are hilarious when they start to follow you around. Now with Victory Chicken, a new Crown Heights, Brooklyn-based startup, Leff aims to help urbanites raise their own hens–if not for humor, then for eggs. Victory Chicken is a local “one stop shop,” says Leff, for […]

Tomorrow at the Flea, Cocktail Makers and Lemonade Lovers Should Head to The Stand

Despite today’s snow, you know springtime’s really here when the Brooklyn Flea moves back outdoors to catch the rays at 176 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Greene tomorrow. And one of the newer vendors to check this year is The Stand, run by Nathalie and Jake Weisner. You may have already read about the siblings, who […]